when your best friend is talking to your crush

when your best friend is talking to your crush

"hey i think you’d really like my friend"


"he’s gay too"


yuna kim vs. n.e.r.d.


Todd’s Photoshop Tutorials: Drawing a Circle

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Wally’s Top Ten K-pop Songs of 2013 (in ten words each!)

10. Fiestar - I Don’t Know
Don’t all nursery rhyme chants allude to sexual naivety anyway?

9. Spica - Tonight
Tapping into the Tumblr aesthetic: soft punk, irreverence, thigh gap.

8. Son Dam Bi - Red Candle
You didn’t think k-pop could werq bossa nova, did you?

7, Ladies’ Code - Bad Girl
Everyone vying for the title but big band beats all.

6, Lee Hyori - Miss Korea
K-pop vet takes refreshingly #nofilter approach to being impossibly beautiful.

5, Shinee - Dream Girl
Come for plaid clad cuties, stay for glee club harmonies.

4. 2NE1 - Do You Love Me?
Reminiscent of 2011 (glory days); Wallops their other 2013 stuff.

3. After School - First Love
Slaying the porno jazz beat and those pole skills doe.

2. T-ara N4 - Jeon Won Diary (Countryside Life)
A charming counterpoint to Gangnam Style. God bless those accordions.

1. Girls’ Generation - I Got a Boy
Electro-hop odyssey in five (!) acts that completely changed the game.

Bonus J-Pop Crossover Song of the Year: After School - Shh

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