f(x) - Red Light (Male Version)

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f(x) just released their new song, Red Light, a couple of hours ago and I too, am trying to make sense of it.

There are plenty of pieces to this puzzle: the pitchy buzzsaw synth doing its best siren impression; the trap beat in the verses that SM Entertainment usually reserves for its male acts; the ‘calm before the storm’ pre-chorus lifted straight from Electric Shock. The most curious piece though is the two-part chorus. What starts as a foreboding electro-witch incantation changes key without warning into anticipatory pop cheer. It’s a jarring transition that the song never quite gives proper release to—and for many, will be the piece that doesn’t fit. Red Light may be on uneasy footing, but at least it fights the whole time to stay on its feet.


one time my friend said he had a good topping story to tell, then proceeded to go on about his raunchy gay sex life and at the end of it i was like wtf did that have to do with pizza

when your friends ask how the first date went